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Strike Force

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Colorado Strike Force is accepting new teams for the 2018-19 season

12u,14u,16u, and 18U


Our Mission:

Strike Force Softball is to develop our players to the highest degree possible.  We rely on strict physical conditioning to build mentally tough athletes.  Our coaches and instructors utilize their various amounts of competitive softball experience to take each athlete as far as possible in their individual careers.Strike Force Softball strives to continually bring the best instructors, coaches, and organizational support to create a Culture of Excellence.  This culture leads to internal confidence.  Internal confidence leads to external success.  External success leads to team victories.

What we offer:
  • Our own indoor facility and are looking to expand to 2 more facilities.
  • A former college coach on staff to help with practices, he has a master in sports psychology.
  • Help with fundraising. 
  • Assistance in college promotion for your players, including video.
  • We will be running inhouse camps, clinics, and skills development.
  • Strike Force will be hosting a 6 hour player boot camp that will focus on team work, skills, agility, and softball I.Q.
  • Each team determines there own schedule and travel and budget.
  • Coaching clinics to help you with your team.
  • Our focus is player development. 

If you would like to know more please call or email us.




Flint Hansell
Colorado Strike Force
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If you are not marked Paid coach 2019-20 your posting will be removed