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Paid Coach 2011-12
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I have some questions regarding the new USSSA bat rules (i.e. the old/new stamps).  Specifically, regarding what bats will be legal in 2013.

As I understand it, the image displayed on is the NEW certfication, and ONLY bats with this stamp will be approved for USSSA play in 2013 (both stamps are fine for 2012).

I have given this information to parents, as they are buying bats now, and would like them to last more than one season.

Many of the websites selling 2012 model bats are showing some bats with the NEW USSSA stamp, and some with the OLD stamps.

For example:

New stamp:

2012 Anderson Rocket Tech:  with the NEW stamp

(look at the "taper" image, below the "main" image):

2012 Easton Stealth with the NEW logo on it:

Look at the "taper" image.  Also, in the Q/A tab, someone asks about the new USSSA logo on it.

However, looking at the Demarini's (2012 CF5s, etc) on the same site:

Looking at the "taper" image, it shows what appears to be the "OLD" stamp. 

I have seen this on other websites as well (for the 2012 bats).

It would appear the Demarinis (specifically the CF4/CF5) will NOT be approved for play in 2013, as they (currently) do NOT have the NEW stamp.

Can someone help clarify/confirm?  I personally like the Demarini bats.  But some parents are specifically asking if they will be approved for play in 2013 under the new USSSA rule.  If they buy one right now (with the OLD stamp), I think the answer will be "No".

Thanks in advance.

Paid Coach 2011-12
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In case anyone is interested, I called a Demarini rep, and his response was basically this:

Some of the 2012 Bats (i.e. CF5s) went out with the "OLD" stamp.  More recently, they are now shipping the identical bats with the "NEW" USSSA stamp.  If you bought a 2012 model with the "OLD" stamp, and want to use it in 2013, you can send to the factory and they will "re-stamp" with the NEW stamp.  You have to pay shipping there, and they pay return shipping.

For older (2011) models, they will not have the NEW stamp, and would not be allowed for USSSA play in 2013 under the existing rules.


Paid Coach 2013-14
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If Steve is right, then all the bats that were purchased in the past few years will be legal.  They all have a 1.20 BPF stamp on them, or at least all of the ones that I have seen.  So what exactly is the point of the new USSSA stamp if the old bats will be allowed?  I am also in the dilemma of purchasing bats for my daughters and do not want to buy a bat just for one season.

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Frederick, the CF5 can get the new stamp.  I have sent all our existing stock of CF5's back to DeMarini for stamps.  You just need to contact DeMarini and pay the one way shipping.  We have some bats that will not be eligible for the new stamps that we are selling at $50 to $75 that are normally $180 to $280 because they will only work to 2013.  The standard has not changed but they are trying to eliminate the bats that break in past the 1.20BPF.  DeMarini has long held that their bats do not go past the standard and that is why the 2012 models that came out last year can be stamped.


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We have our DeMarini bats back from the factory with the new USSSA stamp on them.  We have lots in stock from -9 to -10 to -11 CF5's to the rec models by Cat and Crystal. 

We also have closeouts on Miken Halo's, Worth Eclispe, Rip It Foxy and Force that do not have the USSSA stamps.

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Paid Coach 2016-17
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Update regarding this ruling.

Please visit the USSSA page
REVISED - New USSSA Softball Bat Marks & Grandfathering Rules
or go to our web site


Thank you for playing

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We still have the non-stamped bats that are now good until September 2012 at closeput prices.  Eclispe, Rain Light, Foxy, Force, Titan, Epic, Intensi-t and Halo all for under $150.  all bats are new in wrapper.  We also have some demo bats (Reaper, MV-3, MV-3 Light) all for under $75. 

Closeout prices on 2011 XProtex Raykr gloves that have the full protection padding.  Originally $69.99 now priced at $25.99. 

Great prices on balls by the dozen as well.  ASA Wilson balls under $60 per dozen.

We also have Ringor cleats.

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